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Weekly Polls & Bracketology: Coming Down the Homestretch

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During the Winter Olympics at Sochi, did you happen to catch some short track speed skating? It’s a sport all about precision and control, one false move and either you fall behind or cause that unexpected collision that takes out half of the racers. It is a common occurence in that sport, all of a sudden the skater in last becomes first and the skater in first becomes last. Something similar took place this past week, more specifically this past Saturday. Five of the top 10 teams suffered upset losses and dropped in this week’s polls.  Syracuse and Kansas are still in the top 10. As for Louisville, Creighton, and Saint Louis, they fell out of the top 10. Villanova stayed on course with wins over Butler and Marquette this past week, moving them up to #6 this week. Creighton, the only other Big East member in the top 25, falls to #13. There are a number of questionable things about the polls, such as Virginia rising so much after beating Syracuse, Syracuse only dropping 3 slots after losing to Virginia but when they had that week of losses they also only dropped three slots, etc… but the polls are what they are. There’s always some problem with it, even with college football that I’m just not going to get into.

Here’s a look at the rankings, courtesy of ESPN:

AP Polls:                                                                Coaches’ Poll:

As for bracketology, Villanova is back at being a projected 2-seed. According to ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, Villanova would play against 15-seed Davidson in the opening round if everything holds in place. As for other Big East members, Creighton moves down to a 3-seed and Xavier moves up to a 9-seed. Last week, he had St. John’s and Providence in the play-in round, Providence has fallen out for now and the Red Storm lost to Xavier. I do question Lunardi’s 1-seeds. He listed Wichita State, Florida, Arizona, and Kansas. I do not believe Kansas is deserving of a 1-seed at all, especially after the loss to unranked Oklahoma State. They now have seven losses which is more losses than any of the other top 10 teams. If anything as of right now, I think Virginia should take that last slot for a 1-seed. We can also be a possible contender, but who knows what the selection committee will say. What matters now is the Wildcats continuing to do what they can control, winning. Xavier will be one last hurdle to the finish line, they’ve been playing well lately and knocked off Creighton at home. When it’s all said and done, leave it up to the committee to decide.

Here’s what ESPN’s Joe Lunardi has pictured for us:

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