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FOUR Days Left to Vote For Team ROBY

-The Crow’s Nest

May 1st is slowly creeping upon us, as there are now only four days left to sign up for TBT. In case you missed it or haven’t heard yet, here is some information on TBT or otherwise known as “The Basketball Tournament.” As of today, 308 fans have signed up for Team ROBY’s fan wagon.

If you have not done so already, click here to register for Team ROBY’s fan wagon for TBT. Registration is free and will only take a few seconds. The top 24 teams with the highest amount of fans will receive a guaranteed spot in the tournament. Eight more spots will be decided by TBT’s selection committee. As for everyone else? They don’t get an opportunity to even step on the basketball court.

Corey Fisher will be joined by the core members of the 2009 Villanova Final Four team. Scottie Reynolds, Dante Cunningham, Reggie Redding, Dwayne Anderson, and Antonio Pena will return. Mouphtaou Yarou and Maalik Wayns will also play for Team ROBY. These former Wildcats will unite in hopes to win the first TBT title and a 500,000 dollar prize.

In registering as a Team ROBY fan, there is a chance that you can take home $25,000, a trip to Las Vegas, haircuts for a decade, T-Shirts, and other fabulous prizes. So what do you have to lose?

As of today, Team ROBY is still sitting at 18th for the biggest fanwagon. They are creeping up on DMV’s Finest, who is in 17th. They need all the help they can get from Nova Nation, as there are a number of teams right on their tail.

Every vote counts, every fan counts, so Nova Nation please spread the word. Get your family, your friends, your neighbors, your teachers, your co-workers, and everyone you know to sign up for Team ROBY’s fanwagon. Spread the word and support our basketball alumni!

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