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#speedbump: The Aftermath

-Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

-Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

I am not going to play the blame game in regards to what happened last night. I am not going to talk about what Villanova should have done to win. There is another issue at hand that goes beyond the basketball court.

Jay Wright preaches about having a great attitude. It’s one of the key attributes of Villanova basketball. It’s time to take coach’s advice.

Leading up to last night’s game, there was an article posted on VU Hoops that took a closer look at the statistical breakdown of N.C. State. It questioned N.C. State coach Mark Gottfried and the hustle of his team. The article said that N.C. State didn’t deserve to be there, stating that “the LSU Tigers did everything they could do to go home.” It was topped off with one final line, “N.C. State is merely a speed bump.”

A tough speed bump if that, a team that has beaten the likes of Duke, UNC, and Louisville. Now, it’s backfired into the face of Villanova basketball and its fan base.

#speedbump has taken over Twitter following the loss to N.C. State. A poor girl on the band was crying her eyes out for a team that she emotionally invested her heart in. That article has led to her now becoming the poster child of defeat. She is now an Internet-wide joke that becomes linked to #speedbump because as Nationers, we decided to get ahead of ourselves.

An article dealing with Advanced Stats should not have become a place to disrespect the N.C. State Wolfpack. It’s one thing to talk about the numbers, but it’s another to veer off into a different direction. While some defended the intent of the article by saying to “read the whole thing”, after reading it, the concluding sections were clear. The joke involving used car salesmen and saying that LSU handed them the victory was not fair. I am glad that youngBUCK, the author of the post, issued an apology earlier this morning. However, some things still do not sit right.

There is a difference between excitement and hubris. Villanova has not made it to the Sweet 16 in what is now six years. We did not have the right to relegate N.C. State to a mere speed bump. Yes, we know ESPN and other outlets may not have given the Wildcats due credit this season, but that does not mean we should have belittled the Wolfpack and their accomplishments. It’s frustrating to not get proper credit and praise but we should not do the same to others, especially when they have shown that they can beat some of the top teams in college basketball.

The article added oil onto a fire that other media outlets had started. It was passed around to players and coaches before the game.

“We came out today with the feeling that everybody expected us to lose to a 1-seed, but we believe in ourselves and that we’re good enough to beat anybody in the country, and we went down and did it,” said N.C. State’s Beejay Anya.

The Wolfpack moves on, while the Nova Nation will have to wait another year.

I urge N.C. State fans to please leave that girl on the band alone. She just simply wore her heart on her sleeve, showing the feeling of devastation that swept across Villanovans worldwide. I understand that the VU Hoops article now looks embarrassing and that it is your way of retaliating, but she did not do anything to you.


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  1. The reality is no one has ever had a perfect bracket…therefore every team invited to the Big Dance no matter how they’re seeded, are all speed bumps, hence the excitement and potential!! Duke has been knocked out in the first round multiple times….last year’s winner was UConn & who could have ever predicted that?
    As a Villanova alum, I’ve grown up in the back drop of t #1 NCAAM “Cinderella Story” of all time. The 1985 #8 Villanova (with all heart) beating #1 Georgetown (with Patrick Ewing one of the greatest NBA all-stars in history)…that game remains the dream every team hopes to replicate and/or beat…including Villanova!
    Regarding the journalists discuusing this teenager’s response….what has gone wrong from the time you finished your journalistic education to this point in your career? Have our ethical standards dropped so low, that editor’s at every level find this type of journalism acceptable? Or have we as a society become so scared to voice our opinions, fearing retaliation, say nothing? The reality is, it’s just a game..and we are simply just fans cheering on our teams…no more, no less.

    • There’s a difference between just fans cheering on our teams and being mean spirited. What the NC State fans and even those outside the program did to this girl on the band was not just fans being fans. They were ridiculing this girl. I’m glad that she’s been dealing it with grace and has been featured on TV and radio talk shows but she was just being a fan feeling emotion for her team.

      As for youngBUCK, I am in no way infringing upon his freedom of speech. Anyone who publishes something has to understand that not everything is going to be met with praise. It caused quite a bit of controversy, but as a writer you need to know that not everyone is going to be pleased. When that happens, you have to own up to your writing. YoungBUCK stated his opinions and I just simply added to the bigger conversation. My opinions were addressing the subject of which he wrote about, not him the individual.

      The main point of this article was to stand up to the mean spirited acts that this girl received online. It is just a game, this girl didn’t deserve the negativity directed at her.

  2. Good perspective. I don’t think Roxanne Chalifoux is an internet-wide joke. I think 99.9% of college basketball fans felt her pain. I think she has handled all of this with dignity and grace. Shame on those that have been mean-spirited about it. I didn’t see the VU Hoops article before the game but I would never underestimate an opponent during March Madness. No one knows that better than us. Long live 1985!

    • Oh definitely, now she is embraced by all. I’m happy that something bad became good. This was written a few days ago with the intent of addressing right after the game, when NC State fans were still riled up and Nova doubters were relishing in our pain.

      Now she’s been on TV and it’s become an awesome ride for her. I’m also a believer in not underestimating our opponents as it was something taught to me by coaches past. Now it’s on to the future and what next season will bring.

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