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Announcement: Needs You!

Next year will be my senior year. While I do not know what my involvement will be with this website after I graduate, I have a number of plans in store for next year. To the loyal readers and followers of the website, do not worry, as is not going anywhere.

This is a call to action for all Villanova students who want to be involved with covering our university’s sports teams. This will be a great step forward as will move closer to a multimedia approach. I envision a number of different opportunities that students can be involved with.

  1. Writers, editors, and reporters – Villanova’s student-athletes work hard, it’s a shame that some go fairly unnoticed and unrecognized. One man can’t cover all sports alone. It also wouldn’t hurt to get more writers and reporters for basketball and football season. In turn, the website would be a great platform for students who seek to pursue a future in writing and editing. It would be a great way to meet other people who share the same passions and interests, as well as a nice way to learn and collaborate with others.
  2. A weekly video podcast (maybe an audio podcast as well!) – This would be modeled after some of the sports shows on ESPN and other networks. I’m looking for people who want to get in front of the camera and those who want to be a part of the production crew: camera, sound, editing, etc. The video podcast would be filmed and produced in the new studio in Garey Hall. It will be a great way for some to try and learn something new and get their hands on some cool, expensive equipment.
  3. Photoshop – I am proficient in using Photoshop, but what some people can do on it is simply amazing. Anyone who is willing to work with graphics and Photoshop is encouraged to join.
  4. Public Relations/Social Network Gurus – Not only for advertisement purposes, but also to keep track of the latest recruitment news. A lot happens on Twitter, especially in the world of prospective recruits. Twitter experts and aficionados alike will be asked to dedicate their talents to getting the latest scoop on high school athletes who are eyeing to play at Villanova.

There’s something for everybody, and there’s no pressure to stick solely to one role. Students that are interested in joining are free to move around until they find their niche. Whether you have experience or not, you are welcomed with open arms. The best way is to learn and teach each other and pass it on to future Villanovans to come.

Currently, I am in the beginning phases of making this into an on-campus organization. Anyone who wishes to join or has further questions should email me at We’ll draw up the plans for next year, so that we hit the ground running come August.



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Eugene Rapay '16 created "The Bench Mob" in November 2013. He joined the Villanova Times in 2012 as a writer. A Westchester, NY native, who will bring top quality coverage of all things Villanova sports.


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