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A Fan’s Reaction to the Rhode Island Game

-CAA Football

-CAA Football

I’m happy to announce that Villanova Football is finally back. Yes, the season has been underway for months now, but the team in blue and white who played has had some ups and downs. On Saturday, this team showed that it still has the might of a power to be reckoned with. But wait, there’s more! The win on Saturday also surged Villanova back into (dare I say it) contention for a piece of the conference championship and even playoff berth.

So what exactly happened on Saturday that has me so excited, you ask? Well, Villanova did nothing less than conquered the state of Rhode Island that day, and I’m pretty sure a statue of Father Peter took the place of Roger Williams atop the State Capitol in Providence.

If you want to know about the actual game, the final was 24-3. But the game was not as close as the final score suggests. It was Villanova who scored first, followed by a red zone stop by the defense for a Rhode Island field goal. The next drive should have saw another field goal, this time for the Wildcats, but Gerard Smith missed another kick. That was his fourth consecutive missed field goal, for those keeping track. It seems Smith is not the panacea to the woes we suffered when Steve Weyler was kicking. No wonder Coach Andy Talley mistrusts our kicking game so much that Villanova attempts more fourth down conversions than any other CAA team. Maybe it’s time to hold open tryouts? But I digress, the missed kick kept the score at a close 7-3 into halftime.

The second half, however, was an explosion of Villanova offense. In the words of Chief Justice John Marshall, this article “would partake of the prolixity of a legal code” if I were to list the many offensive achievements Villanova recorded in the second half. For the sake of brevity, just know that Zach Bednarczyk had another solid day under center, and Matt Gudzak averaged twelve yards a carry in rushing.

The game was negligible in comparison to this win’s implications though. On one hand, the Rams are the conference’s perennial punching bag, so a win in Kingston is about as exciting as a Narragansett Lager. On the other hand (lets focus on this one), the win saw Villanova improve to 4-2 in the CAA, which has rocketed the Mainliners into second place in the conference. The two one-loss leaders are Richmond and William & Mary. Guess who the Wildcats play at Homecoming this weekend? The Spiders. Guess who Richmond plays after that? William & Mary. I don’t need to spell out how important the game this Saturday is: it is Homecoming, the conference championship, and a playoff wild-card all in one game.

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