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A Fan’s Live Reaction to the Xavier Game

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Editor’s Note: Patrick Ciapciak contributed to this piece, his commentary is in Italics. This is a live reaction that happened as the game was unfolding in real time. 

11:49 – Computers open. Butts glued. Let’s do this.


12:00 – Still don’t understand why this game was scheduled over break. Imagine this game the first week we got back? Damn.

Typical Villanova scheduling. Biggest game of the year over break so they can sell tickets for the student section


12:04 – These refs are already annoying me

Just found out we’re favored by 4 in this game?

Uhhhhhhh….no comment


12:05 – Ouch. I hope he’s alright. This is a scary moment


12:07 – They are bringing out the stretcher. Oh God. Get well soon Mr. Sumner.

Hate to see that happen.
Jalen Brunson playing with stomach virus = grit

Stop with the grit!


12:15Ryan Arcidiacono is making it rain.

Dude this defense right now >>>

Wow I actually like where this game is going. It’s early in a big game and we’re not digging ourselves into a hole!

I like it when we don’t dig our own graves!



12:18 – Can we take a moment to appreciate the greatness that is Katie Nolan?

Yes. She makes even non-basketball fans find Fox Sports 1.



When was the last time the Pavilion hosted a game this big?

UCLA 2002?

Definitely the biggest in our time at Nova.


12:21Mikal Bridges to Brunson. Oh em gee.

We’ve been waiting so long for those two to get this kind of chemistry. If they can keep this going, they’ll be the deadly combo we’ve been praying for.

We’re dominating even while missing threes lol.


12:25 – Archie is feeling it!!!!! He loves taking over the big games.

Clutch. Grit. Whoosh Go.


12:28 – We are up by 16. What. The. F!#%.

I love it. We are a completely different team when it comes to Big East play. 6-for-8 behind the arc. And it’s not like the Big East is low competition. Three top 10 teams?? Villanova fourth-highest ranked? I guess we just match up with similar teams better. I mean Oklahoma was an opposite team from us when it comes to style.

Yes the Big East is much, much improved from last year. Top heavy, but it will do. We are actually taking good shots too.

Jay likes the aggressiveness on defense. So do I.



Archie lighting it up, but lets not ignore how many points in the paint we’ve been scoring too. I think that’s the difference this time around.

I’m loving the slip screen Arch and Daniel Ochefu are running. Force the double team and that leaves Chef wide open underneath. This is a complete 180 from just a few games ago.

Makes me wonder why we haven’t tried that plan earlier. Seems too easy.

Up by 20 mid way through the first half! Who are these guys?

Hi we’re Villanova basketball at the Pavilion and we have DirecTv. Hi we’re Villanova basketball on the road and we have cable. ← best line of the day


12:40 – Lots of soft calls today. It’s the Big East. LET THEM PLAY!! Rollie disapproves.  

I can hear Rollie groaning at the TV all the way from Florida

“Back in my day we could hack Georgetown’s guards with a meat cleaver and have it only be a warning!” ← you’re on a roll, keep em coming


12:45 – Nice flop baldie…

Gus just said its a great atmosphere here at the Pavilion? I think I heard one Go Nova chant.

We need to have students at these games. It’s getting out of hand. In our four years here we’ve only had a student section for one Georgetown game. The others have been over spring break.

Don’t get me started. I could rant on how our biggest games are always over break.

Same here. Hopefully the new AD changes the status quo.


12:52 – Chef’s post moves make the world go round. He has improved so much since freshman year.

Might be enough to get him a draft into the NBA if he can carve himself that role.

Certainly a storyline to keep an eye on after this season. It might be tough, but you never know who he will impress during workouts ala Hilliard with Detroit.


12:56 – Villanova 48, Xavier 30 at half. What a time to be alive!

What a time to be a Villanovan.

We’re feeling pretty content right now, but I would not put it past Xavier to make a big comeback in the second half. After all, Villanova was looking shaky at the end of the first half, and Xavier may be thinking about exploiting those weaknesses in the locker room right now.

For me, it’s all about defense. If they play half as well as they did on the defensive end, we should be okay.


1:13 – We are back and Josh Hart wants no part of an Xavier comeback. He is taking over.

Good to see Hart show up.

If Jalen Reynolds’ favorite gift is money is that an NCAA violation?

Let’s report him.

Googling the NCAA HQ number as we speak


1:18 – Wait, Josh Hart’s uncle is Elston Howard?!

Thats funny they bring that up now because Josh Hart is becoming Xavier’s daddy…. I see what you did there

Ya he’s got athleticism in his blood. He actually hates baseball though.

The non-students are actually getting the Pavilion loud. Props to the alumni.

Proving us wrong as of now… I still wish I was there.

I like to imagine that if the students were there it’d be louder still and the chants would be both more often and more clever.

Oh absolutely. Speaking of chants we need new ones. I can only chant Let’s Go Nova so many times. One suggestion? The band needs to play Rock and Roll Part 2. “HEY! YOU SUCK!”

I’m a self-proclaimed master of clever chants. Sometimes they’re too insulting though.

“The Chef is hungry.”

You can’t insult the opponent though! #Attitude


1:30 – How is Xavier is the bonus already? So many soft calls…

Wait Chef is breaking out his mid range. I feel safe now.


1:33 – The ball movement right now is putting the biggest grin on my face.

Gus and Bill love how Villanova uses the entire court to pass on offense

And I love Gus and Bill. Best duo in the land.

Great investment by FS1


1:37 – Under 12 timeout and this is the best the team has looked since last year. Complete and utter domination.

Can’t express how surprised and happy I am that Villanova basketball is back. If they had played like those losses in the past, I was ready to write a eulogy for this season.

Going into today, I’m not gonna lie I thought they would lose. Xavier was looking like the team to beat in the Big East. Cannot underestimate Pavilion magic and the coaching staff who always has this team ready for Big East play. Perfect performance.

Pavilion magic is real.

I love Bill and his onions.



At least its different than “Let’s Go Nova.”

It is the worst chant there is. So what if they are overrated? You beat them! Enjoy it!

I love it. It’s obnoxious and funny. Need more clever chants.


1:52 – So… 30 point lead…and Xavier is #6… but thats none of my business *insert Kermit*

Remember that time we got vastly outscored by Penn in the second half?


1:55 #prayforHenryLowe

Under four minutes to go… #BenchMob?


1:59 – The offense killed it today, but the praise should be directed toward the defense. My lord. Swarm it up!


Really too bad Henry cant get in on this massacre.



Patrick Farrell with the shot of the game!


2:04 – FINALLY FINAL! Villanova 95, Xavier 64. They played an absolute complete game. No complaints whatsoever.

My player of the game is Arch and it ain’t even close. Props to Jay for getting this team ready.

I agree, Arch made it rain and set up plenty of nice plays in the paint. Jay made the changes necessary to make this win happen. My only complaint is that these changes weren’t made earlier this month. I think Nova could’ve beaten anyone today.

Agreed. From Michigan State to Kentucky, none of them would have won today at the Pavilion. We came to play today and there’s no better thing than watching a Villanova team firing on all cylinders.

Only the seventh win over a top ten team at the Pavilion.

Surprised there isn’t more. Have to schedule more big games at the Pavilion.


2:09 – Alright Mr. Ciapciak, that’s all I got to say today. It’s been a pleasure chatting with you.  What a win for the Main Liners today. #GoCats
Thanks for the commentary, Mr. Stanziale. Your wit and expertise are a shining example to Nova fans everywhere.

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